May 01, 2007

Learn To Speak Carefully

Last night an actress, lets call her J, missed rehearsal and we couldn't get a hold of her at all.  I was pissed because her role is pretty vital to the show and with no warning or explanation it sucks to have someone missing - especially when its a very short rehearsal period.

In my anger I said something along the lines of "She better be in a ditch or a hospital!"

Little did I know.

Today I found out that J had gone to a restaurant and a guy she chatted with slipped something into her drink.  She fell down on the way to rehearsal and doesn't remember anything until Midnight when her roommate/girlfriend took her to the hospital.  At around 9:00 she was found by another girl laying on the side of a road.

Damn it.  I felt bad about cursing her.
Maybe next time I just shouldn't stress it... Unless its a show.  In that case I'll freak out no matter what.

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April 25, 2007

My Final

No grade yet, but Clinton did assure me that my paper provided a minimum of 15 minutes of entertainment.

Especially the comment I wrote on a sticky note from Dad.  He said that made him laugh for at least 5 minutes.

Here's hoping that translates to a good grade!   Yay Daddy

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April 20, 2007

Intro To Drama Final

Thank you Shannen and Dad for proofing it!

And to Molly for the quote.

I'm done for the semester. Woo.

(And no, the Second Shepherds' Pageant is disappointenly non-multiorgasmic.  Its rather dull and lame in my opinion.)


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April 18, 2007

Final Paper

So who wants to proof a final paper for me?

So far it's about Death and Tyrants in Antigone, The Second Shepherds' Pagent, A Doll House, The Importance of Being Earnest, and How I Learned to Drive.

Fun no?

What I have so far I'm putting under the More.  If for no other reason then its another back up.


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April 17, 2007

Exam Week

And I don't have any formal exams; how about that?
And he is rockin' the pumpkin pants.


The Gentleman in Pink
Oil on canvas
Palazzo Moroni, Bergamo

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